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The United Kingdom has left the EU.

How to register a Plant Protection Product in the UK after 30/12/2020 ?

Last update: 21 Apr 2021

This is an outline and the situation may evolve quickly. Please consult the pesticide web pages of the HSE for the source information.

The EU has left its mark on UK requirements for pesticide registration that may last for some time. On the other hand, the UK had already specific national requirements for risk assessment before the Brexit.

The Brexit and Northern Ireland Protocol means that the requirements may evolve differently in the EU, GB and NI.

What has already changed?

Did the requirements really change?

At this date (April 2021), the data requirements and PPP risk assessment requirements are very similar if not identical to pre-Brexit requirements. This may evolve at any time either in GB, NI, or UK as a whole depending on GB law, EU law and risk assessment guidelines.

The Northern Ireland protocol : consequences for pesticide registration.

The UK has specific guidelines for PPP risk assessment that continue to apply in NI.

What can ENC help you with?

Start to create your registration dossier in the UK

Start to create your registration dossier in the UK