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Privacy policy

Dear visitors,

Within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation and for the sake of transparency, ENC would like to inform you about the use of your personal data and your rights concerning them.

Contact GDPR

Any questions or requests regarding our privacy policy can be addressed to us via our online form or via email: eneumans@enconsulting.eu

What personal data about you is processed by ENC?

On what legal bases are your data being processed and what are the purposes being pursued by ENC ?

ENC considers that, when a visitor contacts the company, he consents ENC in using his data to respond to him.

These data are not stored on the site but sent directly to the email address of the persons concerned.

These data will only be used to respond to the visitor’s request, such as in the case of a quote request, and will immediately be deleted if no action is taken.

This site uses Google Analytics (see the specific tab dedicated to cookies) which collects the IP address of visitors in order to determine their country of origin. ENC uses this data for information purposes in order to improve its services.

Who has access to the personal data processed by ENC ?

Personal data protection measures.


Retention periods.

 Individual rights under GDPR